Product Code: 2511

Surface Mount, Outswing Single 650# Holding Force MagLock

Mini electromagnetic locks, surface mounted for single and double outswing or inswing doors.
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Surface Mount, Outswing Single 650# Holding Force MagLock
Maglock_2511_ChildATS ATS Anti Tamper Switch
Maglock_2511_Child6CLH CLH Custom Length Housing
Maglock_2511_Child36DSM DSM Door Status Switch
Maglock_2511_Child35DSM2 DSM2 Door Status Switch
Maglock_2511_Child45DYN DYN Dynastat - Magnetic Bond Sensor
Maglock_2511_Child43DYN2 DYN2 Dynastat - Magnetic Bond Sensor for Double Doors
Maglock_2511_Child5LED LED BI-Color LED
Maglock_2511_Child4LED2 LED2 BI-Color LED's
Maglock_2511_Child3SF SF Special Finish
Maglock_2511_Child27088 7088 Pre-Wired Rectifier Bridge, for 12/24 VAC operation.
Maglock_2511_Child61Note Note LED/LED2 Options not unavailable on 2585 Series and TJ Models.
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Product Length: 10.5000 in
Product Width: 1.2500 in
Product Height: 1.7500 in
Product Weight: 4.5000 lb
Product Packaging: 0.0000 kg
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