Product Code: EML-4

Electrified Mortise Lockset
Privacy with Deadbolt Function

Lockset Privacy with Deadbolt Function
Outside lever unlocked (EU) electronically. Latchbolt and deadbolt retracted by key outside or lever inside. Applied power allows outside lever to retract latchbolt unless deadbolt is thrown. Inside lever is always free for immediate egress. Available in Fail-Secure (EU) function only.
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Electrified Mortise Lockset
Privacy with Deadbolt Function
EML-12EL EL Electrically Locked (Fail Safe) Lock Mode
EML-12EU EU Electrically Unocked (Fail Secure) Lock Mode
EML-12CH CH Chassis only, (no-charge)
EML-12REX REX Request to Exit
EML-12LBM LBM Latchbolt Monitor Switch
EML-12DPS DPS Door Position Switch
EML-12DBM DBM Deadbolt Monitor Switch
EML-12613 613 Dark Bronze (US10B) Special Finish**
EML-12625 625 Bright Chrome (US26) Special Finish**
EML-12605 605 Bright Brass (US3) Special Finish**
EML-12REXKIT REXKIT Request to Exit Field Upgrade Kit
EML-12Note Note **Not Stocked, Consult Factory for Lead Times and Availability
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