Product Code: 6420

6420 Series PIR Sensor

The DynaLock Series 6420 passive infrared Request-To-Exit sensor detects the differential between a human body and the floor. Featuring a dual-pyroelectric design, for increased stabilty against external light, the 6420"s pyramid-shaped detection filed is positionable from straightdown verticle to 35" in front of the door and special circuitry provodes high-immunity to RFI and other electrical noise. Two, built-in SPDT dry relay output contacts are rated for 1 Amp @ 30VDC and an adjustable timer may be set for 0.25 to 60 seconds of relay hold time. Additionally, the output relay"s mode may be set for fail-safe or fail-secure operation and an on-board LED indicator may be set to illuminate during relay hold time. The 6420 accepts 12 to 24 VAC/VDC input power and is designed for wall, ceiling or door frame mounting. It is ideally suited for access control, lock release, alarm shunting and automatic door operation.
Product Length: 0.0000 m
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Product Height: 0.0000 m
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